California Immigrant Organizations Advocating For and Serving Immigrants in Disaster

Over the last decade, California has experienced extreme shifts in weather and climate that have contributed to several major natural disasters including wildfires, storms and a global pandemic. Understanding the power and ability to create change through collaboration, UndocuFund and 805 UndocuFund brought together over 25 undocumented and immigrant serving organizations from across California in September of 2022 for the first California UndocuFund Summit. Relationship building, sharing lessons learned in each region, exploring advocacy models, and healing were all part of the two and a half day summit in Sonoma County. For many, the Summit was the first time they had attended an in-person convening since COVID-19 began. Summit attendees expressed the urgent need for, and overwhelming commitment to building a coalition or network that will work towards a focused disaster and emergency response and policy change through an immigration lens. As a result, the California UndocuFund Network was formed.

The California UndocuFund Network is a statewide mutual aid network of organizations serving undocumented immigrants impacted by disaster, with a mission to transform systems, policies, and practices to meet the needs and guarantee the safety of California’s immigrant and undocumented communities impacted by disasters. View the 2023 California UndocuFund Network Impact Report.