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The UndocuFund for Fire Relief in Sonoma County, is currently raising funds to assist the victims of the Kincade Fire, which has grown to over 77,000 acres.

The number of families impacted is still unknown as the fires currently spread and more evacuations are being ordered. However, the impact is real and for undocumented families, federal help is not available. An estimated 38,500 undocumented immigrants live in Sonoma County. Unlike other victims, undocumented immigrants do not qualify for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


Even when they do qualify for services, many undocumented immigrants are unlikely to pursue those benefits due to fear of immigration enforcement, lack of familiarity with official institutions, and limited English proficiency. At every turn, our undocumented neighbors face barriers and challenges to recovering from the fires.

After the 2017 fires in Sonoma County, the UndocuFund distributed nearly $6 million to undocumented families in Sonoma County impacted by the fires to support them in recovering and rebuilding their lives.

The UndocuFund provided direct funding to undocumented immigrants in Sonoma County and their families to help with fire-related expenses. Between October 2017 and December 2018, it raised and distributed roughly $6 million in direct assistance to almost 1,900 families whose lost homes, possessions and earnings in the fires. Many thanks to the hundreds of donors who made our work possible. With the 2019 Kincade fires, we now call on you to help again.