Our Impact

Thanks to the support of more than 7,300 donors as of December, the UndocuFund has provided initial financial assistance to more than 1,000 families, helping close to 4,000 people, about half of whom are children. These families faced dire situations following the most devastating wildfires in California’s history.

  • A family of four lost everything: their home, belongings, work truck, tools, and professional cooking equipment. With no means to earn a living, they struggled to pay rent on their new apartment.
  • A couple lost their home, all their possessions, and a truck. The wife stayed with their adult daughter while the husband slept in their remaining vehicle.
  • A single parent with three children lost two weeks of wages due to the fire shutdown, and the family became homeless and had to live in a shelter.
  • One family of six was robbed during the fires. With one parent losing their job and the other losing several weeks of wages, they struggled to pay for cleanup bills and make their mortgage payments.
  • A family of three was evicted from their home after the fires so their landlord, whose home had burned down, could move in. Due to lost earnings, they were forced to borrow money for a new apartment and to prepare for the arrival of another child.

Among the initial 100-plus families to receive assistance, one third lost their homes and all their possessions; a third lost their jobs; and two thirds lost wages as a result of the fires. The UndocuFund was a lifeline for these families, many of whom were already struggling to make ends meet before this catastrophe.

Due to the generosity of donors in the Bay Area, throughout California, and across the country, they now have the resources they need to make deposits on new apartments, catch up on rent and mortgage payments, and pay down the debts they incurred while evacuated. Support from the UndocuFund has meant the difference between living in a warm apartment and sleeping in a car or shelter over the holidays.

Our focus at this time is raising and disbursing funds to support as many individuals and families in need as possible. With help from volunteers, we hope to share stories of those who have received support from the Fund in the coming weeks.



Check out the photos from our first application workshop! Many thanks to the 35-plus volunteers who helped make the event a success.